Indian athlete Rohan Shah’s big wins in his sporting career and life make him a much-celebrated young sports personality.

He has to his name a massive seven international medals for India, which is proof enough of his prowess, passion and perseverance in power and strength lifting.

The more we talk about a few professionals working across different fields of the world, making their name count in their vast and competitive industries all on their own, the more we feel the need to talk about them for the world to know their genius and brilliance. Through their consistent efforts, many such brilliant and passionate minds have gone ahead in breaking barriers even as youngsters proving how hard work never goes to waste and, at the right time, shows the best possible results to people. Indian athlete Rohan Shah believed in this and thus left no stone unturned in fulfilling his dreams and aspirations of becoming a prominent sporting talent in India.

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Rohan Shah ( always dreamt of bringing great glory to the nation, and so without wasting any time, he began prepping up hard for becoming a well-known power and strength lifter. Today, when he looks back, he feels glad and proud of the journey he created for himself, all by himself, with the courage to prove his talent on a world stage. This has led him to earn coveted titles in his career in power and strength lifting, earning a massive seven international medals for India.

He won 1 gold medal in the recently held Nepal’s International Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship in 2023, 2 bronze medals in 2022’s 9th World Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship held in Kyrgyzstan, 2 gold medals at the Global Power Alliance Power Lifting EUROASIA Championship in 2020 in Ukraine, and 2 bronze medals at the 8th World Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship in 2020 in Thailand.

Winning seven international medals for India after paving his own journey to growth and success wasn’t a cakewalk for Rohan Shah (@rohan_shah_athlete), but he believed in his innate skills and talents and practiced day in and day out to get where he stands today in the sporting world thriving off of his self-discipline, time management and perseverance, he says.

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