Winning Gold medals for India in power and strength lifting, athlete Rohan Shah becomes a trendsetter for up-and-comers in the sports world.

The highly motivated professional sports player has always brought India to the forefront, helping the nation garner more headlines globally.


To dream of becoming a part of a desired industry is one thing, and to take necessary actions towards it and put in one’s all into getting closer to those dreams is a different thing altogether. It may take years for people to belong to the latter category, and a few others may dive deep into their chosen niches as soon as they realize their goals and what their hearts seek. Among the tons of young and talented beings, it is professionals like athlete .RohanShah who stand distinctive from the rest for multiple incredible reasons.

This young and determined individual not only worked around his passion for power and strength lifting but also ensured to hustle each day and learn something new to better his craft as a professional sports player playing for India.


As a young athlete today, Rohan Shah ( has helped India garner massive headlines, bringing the nation to the forefront and making it known in power and strength lifting globally. How, you wonder? Well, Rohan Shah made all this possible by winning multiple medals for the country. He has won three gold medals for India, one at the International Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship, Nepal, in 2023, and two at the Global Power Alliance Power Lifting EUROASIA Championship in 2020, held in Ukraine.


Besides winning gold for India, he has also won bronze medals for the country, 2 at the 9th World Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship held in Kyrgyzstan in 2020 and two at the 8th World Strength Lifting and Incline Bench Press Championship in 2020.


Winning gold for India is a dream every Indian athlete dreams about; however, high-performing and highly disciplined sports players like Rohan Shah (@rohan_shah_athlete) showcase how immense love for the sport and true knowledge and brilliance can make anything and everything possible in life. This has gone ahead in igniting the fire in several other budding sporting players across sporting niches, who today look up to Rohan Shah for their dose of inspiration.